6 January 2009

She's only just beginning to know.

I love my long morning walks on the beach. They're truly therapeutic and reviving. When I go back to work next week my communing with the salt and sand shall have to be reconfigured; not abandoned - heaven forbid! - but certainly reconfigured.

What I appreciate about having all the time in the world is being able to ramble for as long as I want. I like continuing my walk along CY O'Connor beach where there are more shells and lots more sea glass. Probably because there's less people, but it also must be something to do with the tides and the flow of the water. Maybe?

And look, I even found four pieces of blue glass. Aren't they beautiful? You never see blue glass! [Well, clearly not never...]

You know, you can keep your diamonds ("Why, thank you. I will," says New Girl). If some lovely chap ever wants to give me a ring it can have little chips of sea glass in it. That would suit me down to the ground.


R2K said...

Nice glass! : )

Anonymous said...

i suppose just becauseyou are back at work you think that you can get away with not doing anything on this site, hey?

hazelblackberry said...

Not at all. Work or no work, I just assume I can get away with not doing anything...on this site and elsewhere.