21 March 2009

Pussy's In the Well

I may have mentioned elsewhere that New Girl is gittin' married. So I'm making her wedding invitations. Last night she came over to my place and we formed a little production line of measuring, cutting and folding. Henry Ford would have been proud.

New Girl handled the guillotine with great precision and disturbing gusto. Luckily Man Hands was asleep on the couch. He might have been a little.....unnerved.

You can't see the ring very well in that photo, so lets get a little bit closer.

This is what the finished product will look like. The brown, cream and coffee colours have all come together quite nicely. With a little bit of pale green.

I tried to photograph the velum we're using: it has a lovely leaf pattern on it in white and green. It hasn't come out so well here but when they're done I'll take some more photos in a better light.


d said...

He wasn't asleep, he was making a mental note which went "Pay for the Wedding... don't get involved"

new girl said...

"Smart Man" was Man Hands' response to that comment.

hb, we know really he was sleeping off the Indian food we OD-ed on.