24 December 2008

Under the mistletoe and under the influence.

With the help of several glasses of champagne and a string of lewd observations by QEII about people we know, I've finally finished the tags for my Christmas presents:

This is what they look like on the back. I didn't see that mark on the Christmas tree when I took the photo. It's very annoying. Like, I'm annoyed?

You can see when they're on the Christmas presents how the whole grand design comes together. I know, they're fabulous and, by extension, I'm fabulous. Well, why hide your light under a bushel?!

The Christmas cards are, however, another story. Another unfinished story. I've decided they'll be New Year cards. Mebbe.

Finny doesn't judge you for your unfinished cards. He just judges you for how much Christmas bacon goes into his breakfast bowl.

Have a lovely day everyone!

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