9 December 2008

Neil, what ARE you doing? Rapping!

I was feeling grouchy and out of sorts. New Girl suggested I try wrapping Christmas presents to cheer myself up. That girl should be a professional therapist! I bunged some Sinead O'Connor on the stereo - because she's, like, so Christmas-y - and began wr-wr-wrapping. After an hour of cutting paper and tying ribbon, I felt fabulous! (Nine out of ten people who feel hazelblackberry agree that she feels fabulous.)

I've gone with a white and orange theme this year. Which implies that I have a theme each year. I photographed them against my red front door, just to give things that yuletide vibe. It's so important, the vibe of the thing.

Don't they look good together? I reckon I should keep all the presents at my house this year and make everyone come to me, to see the beautiful massing of white and orange.

But hazelblackberry, I hear you ask, now that you've wrapped all these lovely pressies, how do you know who's getting which one? Good question. Simply turn over each present for the subtle and ingeious answer:

But yellow stickies don't really scream Christmas do they? So tomorrow I'm getting cracking on the tags that will go with them. I think things are going to work out very nicely.


new girl said...

Beautiful! But you didn't show the sticky with my name on it. How's an impatient person supposed to cyber-guess her present?! Don't MAKE me drive over there and feel them all!

hazelblackberry said...

Maybe your present isn't even wrapped yet. Maybe.

Carol said...

Golly, I remember when I used to actually wrap presents (now they tend to be just shoved in some sort of bag/pillowcase and tied with a ribbon).

More power to you, oh crafty one!