25 November 2007

Thnx 4 thnx

Somehow I too often don't get round to taking photos of stuff until it's the black of night, so they don't turn out so well. Like these photos of a couple of cards I made for Boxer Girl, my work friend.

The first is an RSVP to her 40th birthday party, which is going to be a 60s theme. (What 40th isn't? In the 2030s will invitations be going out for 40th birthday parties with a 1990s theme?) I used the same papers she used in her invites.

Sometimes I like to make cards that are flat, not folded in half. Usually it's when I'm feeling lazy: lazy enough to think that spending two minutes measuring and folding a card is just beyond me. But it does free up precious seconds to paint some chipboard letters. I'm a bit addicted to chipboard letters at the moment. You shall know me by my chipboard.

A few of us went to Boxer Girl's place for lunch on Melbourne Cup day. Luckily I didn't over-imbibe on the champagne so I was able to go home and make her a thank you card - maybe if I'd had a few more bubbles in me the card could have been a little fancier.

I think there's nothing nicer than a written thank you note and in some circumstances it's simply the done thing. I am thinking here of the txt msg I got when I sent a friend a wedding present: "Got yr prsnt - thnx." I assumed that was just a preliminary notice, but it seems it's all I'm going to get! I suppose it is better than no thanks at all - which seems to be just as common nowadays.

I know I often surprise people when I send a thank you note for some things (like lunches) but I get a lot of pleasure from making them and, anyway, I think it's so nice to get an envelope in the mail that doesn't contain a demand for money.

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Grump Les Tiltskin said...

RSVPECT, find out what it means to me.