20 February 2008

Material Girl (of course)

Because I won't be at work for the coming year, I'm hoping that this gives me a bit more flexibility in my day to do a few more crafty things. Like sewing! Which I haven't done in years. Maybe I've forgotten how...

Anyway, with that in mind - the doing, not the forgetting - I went material shopping with Scarab at the new Spotlight. They've got so much room at their new store. It's easy to browse and see what's available. And everything was on sale - I couldn't afford not to buy, people!

It took a lot of umm-ng and aah-ing, but I finally settled on these four pieces, to be made into skirts and tops, with probably enough left over for some head bands and stuff like that:

As with so many of my projects, it's a case of watch this space. I'll be back with the finished product...eventually.

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Karen said...

When I set up my sewing machine the other day I found a couple of patterns from the last time I was really into sewing. A lovely dress with wide shoulderpads and a long narrow skirt. The pattern was copyright 1989. I think I might have forgotten how to sew, too.