21 November 2007


It's The Burp's Big Book of Sudoku!

I know, I know...what the?

Well, aaaages ago, I was over visiting The Burp and The Rooster and The Burp was complaining that she never gets to do the sudoku in the paper because The Rooster gets to it first. So, rather than going straight out to a newsagent and buying her a stack of sudoku books, tying them up in a ribbon and giving them to her, I decided to collect sixty sudoku puzzles, and their answers, from the paper and put them in her very own book.

I told New Girl about my plan and she made a most crafty and innovative addition to the plan: throw in a sheet of plastic so the answers can be rubbed out and the puzzles done over and over. I threw in an extra sheet of plastic in case the other one gets mucky over time.

And I've attached a pen that can be rubbed off the plastic with a tissue and a bit of spit (just as though your Nanna was cleaning your face).

Apart from the 10 weeks it took to collect the puzzles, this was very quick to put together once I finally sat down to do it - no more than a couple of hours.
I realised all the puzzles and their corresponding solutions would need to be numbered, so out came my trusty number stamps and the best ink pad in the world: Brilliance Moonlight White. This little baby comes up nice and bright on the blackest of black sheets and dries quickly.

The Burp seemed to like it. It's got her name on it: hopefully that will be enough to keep that pesky Rooster at bay.


Anonymous said...

I have shown it to Bay Leaf
He critiqued
"Very good...cool...looks a bit fragile"


hazelblackberry said...

How very Bay Leaf like!

Glad you loik it.