16 August 2007


Blogging about this chest of drawers is as painful as the process of "doing them up" has been. I've used inverted commas so you know I'm not trying to overstate what has essentially been a slapdash job. Slapdash: c'est moi! For example, I decided not to try to get rid of paint that most people would never know was there.

Those drawers had become a physical manifestation of a mental block. Just knowing they were sitting up in the shed was enough to stop me from doing anything else but, of course, not enough to get me up into the shed working on them. With the deadline of our holiday looming, I decided they just had to be finished.

I took a day off on Thursday and got them sanded and stained: at Bunnings I found Wattyl's Stain and Varnish - a two in one miracle cure. What really sold me was the line: "for jobs that need to be finished in a day". I mean, really, wattyl they think of next?

When I got the paint off the drawers I found marks where old handles had been removed and white residue that I couldn't shift. A bit of stain & varnish covers a multitude of sins.

A gecko had decided that these drawers were home and he resisted any moves to relocate him (I called him Darryl). This afternoon when I went out to put the handles on the drawers, he was gone. I hope he's found a nice new nest.

Now, while I wait for the drill to charge, I'm heading off to the shops to buy nibblies for tonight's quiz night. When I come back, the handles go on....

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