17 July 2007

My New Project (or, Well Begun is Half Done)

In August 2004 Bloody Ern and Bezley were wondering what to do with a chest of drawers that had belonged to my Aunty Tilly. I said I'd take them. They were covered in a thick coat of bright blue paint but the wood was solid and the shape of them was nice and simple. I decided I'd do them up so they were transferred to our shed where they sat and waited doing up. And waited.

The waiting was interrupted by intermittent threats from Grumpy that those drawers had to go. This was my last chance. I mean it! This is it!

So over the Easter break in 2005 I bought some paint stripper and started to strip the paint from the drawers. For some reason the weather was a bit warm and muggy that Easter and it didn't take me long to lose heart. More waiting. More threats. More pointed comments about running out of room in the shed.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, it all got too much and I decided Something Had to Be Done. I got Grumpy to help me move the drawers from along the back wall and prepared to attack them with vim and vigour.

Funny how when you come back to something it doesn't seem so bad this time round. I've got all the paint off that will come off with the paint stripper. Now I just have to clean them, apply sanding sealer, sand, clean, seal, sand and then stain. And then stick some handles on. It all seems so simple. I'm even beginning to dream that they'll be finished and sitting in the spare room before we head off on hols at the beginning of September.

Well, a girl can dream.

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