4 June 2007

Youy've gotta be made of it.

When I sat down to work this afternoon the kind old sun was coming in through the spare bedroom window. I warmed up pretty quickly and took off my cardigan. It was only as I wrapped the ribbon round the finished album, a couple of hours later, that I realised the sun had moved away and how chilled I had become.

The best thing to warm up again? A mug of hot Milo. Quite a few eyes get raised at the sight of this little beauty. I made it in grade 5. Yep, 1979 was a big year for me and clay. Various oddly-shaped, er, well, shapes are strewn around blackberry homes as evidence of my enthusiasm for, if not my control over, my medium of choice. I've stayed loyal to my mug. By some strange quirk of fate it holds exactly the right amount of Milo drink - enough to warm and satisfy without wearying - and the handle is at a very comfortable height.


Anonymous said...

Did you mean to leave Milo at our house? we're very much enjoying it. that poor little Boops had to ask me what it was first. she, as a child of her generation, only knew it as a boy's name.

Anonymous said...

hazelblackberry said...

I half meant to. I knew someone would use it.