4 June 2007

You Can't Stop Progress

Card making is going to take a back seat for a while. As much as it irks me, I'll be buying cards for the next couple of months while I attempt to catch up on a few other projects that have been sitting around, waiting patiently for my attention.

This afternoon I made up this small album for a friend. He lives in the US and comes out to Australia every so often. He does a very good Australian accent and loves to quote, loudly, in public places, from 'Muriel's Wedding'.

"Chook's in prison. He's been accused of raping an Asian tourist, which is ridiculous. Chook hates the Japanese!"

We spent the day on Rottnest when he was last here in March. I took a few photos and promised to send them. I really wanted to make him an album but, as always, getting round to it was the problem. Now I've done it and that's one job I can cross off my to-do list.

As you can see, I kept this pretty simple. Even so, it still took me a couple of hours to do. Most of the time is taken up with just getting started: sitting at my desk, biting my nails, figuring out what I want to do. Dragging everything out of drawers and boxes and putting it away again. Once I have it all clear in my head I'm away. Getting there, though, can be painful.

What's next? I do have a list that is at least as long as, if not longer than, your arm. Perhaps I should close my eyes and drop a pin on the possibilities. The Burp and Mrs Chopper are waiting - with toes and fingers tapping - for albums from last year's Christmas lights street party. I should probably get on with those...


k. said...

Oh Haze, they are gorgeous! I would be a little careful abouot posting this kind of thing on your blog though, everyone that knows you now will want one!! (ah, yes, that does include me!)

hazelblackberry said...

Thank you very much, k. And of course always happy to be of service. Just drop your photos off and wait about a year. Should be ready then.

New Girl said...

Haze, I insist that you immediately start making the Xmas lights album. It is hard to describe how much I want to see it. I will try: I WANT TO SEE IT A LOT!! Make it, Make it!!