10 June 2007

When Grumpy saw these he said, "So you're not a minimalist?"

While Grumpy was out at the rugby last night, I sat at my little desk and put together these mini-mini photo albums for a couple of friends.

I don't know if they will like them; I hope they do. I tend to give people things that I would like to receive. So I make or buy in a rush of enthusiasm and then panic as to what reaction I'll get.

But I do get a lot of pleasure simply out of creating something: good, bad or indifferent.

I started these in the afternoon, with plenty of sun and light around. The room where I work is quite dimly lit, and even with a table lamp I always feel at night as though I'm working in a fog, just feeling my way around. I worry that things won't look right in the harsh light of day. Then I tell myself that everything is dimmed and altered in the same way, so what matches in one light will match in another. Makes sense?

Since I decided not to make any more cards for the time being, I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I'd stupidly turned it into an obligation. Which sounds quite egotistical. I really meant only from my own point of view, not because everyone is panting for a hazelblackberry original.

Now I can concentrate on catching up on all of my projects for other people, and I'm ripping through them. It gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction.

And the bonus is that the card shop down the street gives you a free card for every nine you buy!


didi said...

Receiving mine made my day... then I read that these are things you like to receive yourself and I'm freakin' out 'cos even at their most extreme, my gift making talents would not even be allowed in the same room as a hazel blackberry original! However, can offer therapy at rates and of a quality competitive with that offered by Medicare... And will gladly pay for hot chocolates (pictured) whenever you are in town! Thanks again, lovely.

Plum's Penny Dreadful said...

I think these are just lovely!! I have the urge to make those complicated type of paper and cardboard collages quite often. I ply my friends with them. I wonder if they are humoring me when the ooooh and awwwwww. I wonder if they think to themselves " Why doesn't she just buy something presentable like everyone else?". It's the self-doubt of the artist---it just happens. They will probably love them!!!

hazelblackberry said...

Thank you both.

Anonymous said...

Jessie Mo says:
Didi, you have to show me!