15 April 2007

Have blog, will eventually return to it.

Here are the first three ingredients for tonight's dinner: rosemary, olive oil and LOTS of honey. I don't have children, nor an overwhelming desire to acquire any, but I do love the kids issues of donna hay magazine. Some of the recipes are very tasty for alleged grown-ups as well. Tonight we're having one such dish: rosemary honey chicken. It also comes with a couple of lemons' worth of lemon juice. I mix the marinade all together, score the chook (Grumpy's a breast man, so that's what we have...come to think of it, I'm a breast girl, too), and leave it to all slosh around together for the day. Then you pan fry the chook for a bit in a dab (just a dab) of olive oil, add the marinade and cook it until the marinade starts to caramelise. You're supposed to throw in some veggie stock too but I don't bother.

Grumpy will get this dished up with potapum* and beans, because that's all I'm capable of on a Sunday night. Check back later, I'll post a photo of the complete meal.

*Potapum: my grandmother's word for potato and pumpkin mashed together, to fool little boys who don't like the orange stuff.

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