18 April 2008

All the world wonder'd.

Well, it's not yet Orthodox Easter so I suppose I'm not TOTALLY behind the times. It's just that I took all these photos of the Easter treats I made and I won't be denied.

I won't.

It all started in 2006 when Bezley was buying gourmet ice cream from a little shop down the road. I thought the containers would make something, but I didn't know what. So I got her to eat away and save the containers for me. She's a trooper, that Bezley.

It wasn't until late last year that I was looking at my stack of foam containers and thought, "They're shaped like half an egg. Maybe I should decorate them up and fill them with Easter eggs!" I nearly fainted with my own brilliance.

I had some pretty grand plans for these babies but then suddenly it was two weeks until Easter and I hadn't done anything and yet I was determined to do something so I scaled my grand plans back considerably. I went to Bunnings and I bought some paint:

These are little sample jars of acrylic paint. They're quite cheap - only about $4 a jar.

I painted the bottom of the eggs brown (when the paint first went on it really looked like chocolate):

I painted the tops pink (because I have decided to colour-code my seasons, and everything I do at Easter is pink and brown. Actually, that's the only season I've colour-coded so far.):

And I painted these little wooden decorations (also bought at Bunnings, for about $1 each) a sort of murky combo of light brown and lime green. I wasn't too happy with this but decided to press on:

I knew then that all I wanted to do was attach some ribbon around the top of the brown part and put a little label on the lid. Finding the ribbon was hard. I settled for this green stuff (there was a lot of "settling for". "Settling for" leaves me unsettled, and yet into the valley of death rode the six hundred...):

I lined each egg with squished-up pink tissue paper and poured in eggs:

Then I made up brown tags with pink and green ink, stuck them to the lid with the murky wooden decs glued over one edge. They don't look too bad, do they? Not too bad.

They weren't the Easter treats I was hoping for, but they were certainly the Easter treats I got. I finally sent and delivered them on the Tuesday after Easter.

Every time I have the chance to learn some kind of profound lesson about preparation and planning and malice aforethought I seem to pass up the opportunity (except the bit about malice aforethought).

k. is going to call me demanding to know why she didn't get one. It's because I left hers on the counter at the post office and when I went back to get it it was gone. Then she was in Fiji and I forgot all about it. Sorry, k.. Next time.


k. said...

Hey, I got to go to Fiji, on my own, for Easter. To ask for anything else would just be ungrateful!

New Girl said...

Mr NG and I LOVED our Easter egg thingamee.
You can 'settle' for giving us whatever you so desire. And they really did look like chocolate when they were painted.