13 March 2008

So Suet Me

New Girl dropped around the other night wearing lovely, glittery, red Dorothy-like slippers. She even paused as she walked up the front steps and announced, "There's no place like home!"

She'd stopped by - with a beer in her handbag - to hand over a rather wonderful item she'd dug out from the back of her boyfriend's kitchen cupboards:

A 1970s tin measuring cup! It's marvellous. It matches the rusty old sieve I've got up in the shed somewhere that Dyzie used to use to sift flour for pancakes (but we'll talk about pancakes another time). In the meantime, behold how the inside of the cup is divided into different measurements for different types of food (click on the photo to enlarge):

I'm not sure you can see what's just to the right of the cocoa measurement so let's have a closer look, shall we:

(click on the photo to enlarge)

Mmmmm...shredded suet. I rate that right up there with a dripping sandwich. And broiled brains.


Anonymous said...

we had one of those but i think the outside picture was all worn away even by the time i was born. jezz mo

Anonymous said...

please ask NG where she got her her Oz slippers?

Sarah Ulmer said...

Mrs Lovett had one of them! I was never sure it measured very accurately, on account of the crusty residue of suet and dried milk powder that lived in the bottom of it.

Karen said...

And what, pray tell, is wrong with dripping sandwiches?

(Okay, I would never eat one now, but I used to as a child.)

Patsy said...

Hi - just found your blog, love it! A marvellous obsessive combination of all things domestic, crafty, vintage. Hurrah for the little things in life! You have inspired me to pick up my own blog again that has been carelessly neglected for the last six months... I shall add it to the list. Hmm must put writing a list on my list...