19 November 2007

What is it? (It's it.)

I've finished another project on my to-do list. A while ago I told The Burp I was putting together a little surpreez for her. When I say "a while ago" I think this was about April. In my defence, it did take me two months to collect the contents of the surpreez, and then, as with all other projects I start, it sat around and sat around waiting for me to put it all together. Which I finally did on the weekend. And it really didn't take that long - this is also always the way.

I am being deliberately vague because The Burp won't get this surpreez until Wednesday, when we have lunch. All will be revealed then! In the meantime, here are some photos.

(I hope The Burp isn't too excited. I mean, it's just a little thing, it's just a little gum wrapper, and she'll probably look at me like I'm an idiot.)

First of all, red, black and white is the theme of this project. I love my acrylic paints. I have to restrain myself from using them on everything.

This project involves letters. What could it be???

Okay, here's a glimpse. Just a glimpse - that's all you're allowed....

It's a mystery, like Agatha Christie.

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