30 June 2007

Puppy dogs' tails

I've been busy trying to get a few things finished before I go on hols for a week. But Grumpy informs me we're going out to dinner with some friends tonight so I have now officially given up on everything until I get back. Among the stuff that has joined the finished pile is this little album I made up for my step-sister, Cinderella.

We had a picnic in Kings Park last year for Bezley's birthday and I was fairly pleased with how some of the pictures of my nephews turned out. A mere six months later I've managed to put them all together. It's okay, she isn't expecting it so it will be a nice surprise. I hope.

I kept everything fairly simple. Just plain card, a few strips of coloured paper, some chipboard letters and paint. And ribbon. Because ribbon goes well with everything. Simple, yes. But it still took forever.

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