13 May 2007

Paper Round

Another busy weekend with paper. It's nice to have time to sit at my desk and make little bits and pieces. I had a go at a red and lavender card for Princess Mary, as opposed to the pink. I like the red. I wouldn't say it was pretty, but it's certainly quite attractive and most definitely striking.

Princess Mary also likes the red but thinks she's swinging round to the same style as an invitation I made a few years ago for friends of hers. I can't remember the invitation exactly but I do have memories of them being time consuming and a hassle to make. The kind of memories that evoke a sinking feeling...

I also had time to whip up a bunch of little tags for various people for various reasons. They were fun to make.

These red and yellow cards were looking a bit lairey until I added the green sequins, which calmed them down a bit. Grumpy said they looked like eggs with tomato sauce. I've never understood the attraction of eggs with tomato sauce. Bezley got one of these with her Mother's Day present. She seemed quite pleased with it (and the present).

The brown thank you card below is supposed to be like a block of chocolate, with teeth marks in it. It remains to be seen whether the recipient sees the link. [Update: Yes, they did. Phew.]

And this is NOT some kind of floral tribute to my favourite steak sauce. This is a card for friend whose dog died. Her dog was called Al. I'm sure she'll get it.

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