15 July 2006

Ibu's 70th Birthday

My friend Rhinobert's mum, Ibu, is turning 70 next month and a gala bash is being organised so that all her family and friends can attend and pay her due homage. Flatteringly enough, they asked me to make the invitations.

Rhinobert is organising the cake, which will have three, different-coloured layers and will be decorated with frangipanis. I tried to make the invites to reflect that:

(Pardon the pixellation in the first and third photos: I had to blur some personal information. Next time I'll mock up a fake-name version.)


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Hope you got lots and lots and lots of kudos.

Lushlife said...


pseudostoops said...

WOW. You MADE those? Really lovely!

Anonymous said...

I hope Rhinobert PAID you for the invitations. (which are groovy and amazing.) My sister in law is a hair dresser and a good one, also very kind etc. People are always asking her to do the for the whole bridal party on weekends, and one day, after looking after her family of 5 anf having worked all week, spent a whole Saturday doing hair for the weddingsters, and all they gave her was a parthetic and half-dead fruit basket. She said she'd gone through whole cans of hairspray and other products, for which she would have at least liked some recompense. I was so disgusted at the freeloaderish nature of these so-called friends. Anyway, I hope your card-services to humanity are not similarly abused.